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    Amol Ahuja, University of Alabama
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to take a free diagnostic exam?
To sign up for a new account, click on GET STARTED from the menu.
How do I reset my password?
To reset your forgotten password, visit the recovery page.
How to unlock all tests and how much?
It is free to sign up to take a diagnostic exam and takes less than 15 seconds to sign up for your free account. To unlock all 3 Full Length MCAT Practice Tests, we have a limited time promotion going on right now! To upgrade your membership, visit our upgrade page to gain access to every exam available on MCAT Cracker.
How long does my membership last and return policy?
A membership will last for 365 days after the purchase date. After 365 days, the membership will expire, and the user will need to renew their membership if they would like to continue accessing premium exams. There are no refunds due to the nature of the electronic service.
Is there an app for iPhone/iPad or Android?
Yes we have an app for your iPhone, iPad and Android mobile device. You can obtain the apps from here:
MCAT Cracker app for the iPhone and iPad
MCAT Cracker app for the Android
Obtaining the mobile app vs obtaining the membership on our website are completely different and independent systems and platforms and hence a membership on one platform does not grant you access to the other. The benefit of our website membership is that you get access to all MCAT Practice Tests and you can emulate the MCAT Test just like you'd see at the test center with the ability of saving your test results. The benefit of the mobile apps is having unlimited access to all tests and you can take them as many times, but downside is that you can't save the test results.
How can I contact MCAT Cracker?
You can email us through the form at the bottom of the Cracker website. We respond to all emails within 24 hours.
How similar is this to the actual MCAT exam?
MCAT Cracker is designed to emulate computerized testing for the MCAT so you're ready for the exam. The practice tests are both challenging and realistic as far as difficulty.
How do I begin an exam?
After you login, you will see a list of tests that you can take.
How many times can I take an exam?
You can take a test as many times as you wish.
Will this be helpful if my MCAT is in a few days?
We encourage that you prepare with MCAT Cracker at least a few weeks or months in advance of your MCAT to see a noticeable improvement in your scores. If you take your MCAT in a few days or within a week, it won't be as effective as someone who has prepared for weeks, but will still enable you to test run the MCAT before your exam.
Are my exam results saved?
Your exam results are saved. Your scores are emailed to you after the exam.
How do I access other MCAT exams?
The first exam is available for free to all members of MCAT Cracker. To gain access to every exam available on MCAT Cracker, visit our upgrade page to upgrade your membership and gain access to more exams.

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